Questions people often ask us about the Festival

A decorated Christmas Tree

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, please contact us.

Q I’d like to decorate a tree. How do I join in?

A Please contact us here. We send letters of invitation at the beginning of September and we deal with these strictly in order of receipt. However, if all the trees have already been allocated we will let you know and put you on the mailing list for next year.

Q Can I bring someone in a wheelchair?

A Certainly. Most of the Church and the Old School is accessible without using steps. Or, you may prefer to come on Friday when we are a little less busy.

Q Can I borrow the tree stand at the end of the Festival?

A No, sorry, but this is not possible.

Q I don’t want my tree after the Festival. Can I leave it behind?

A Yes. Once you have removed your decorations, please let a steward know and your tree will be put on the grass outside the church for others to take.

Q Do you have toilets?

A Toilets are available in the Old School opposite the church including one for the disabled and one with baby changing facilities.

Q If I don’t have a tree this year, will I remain on your mailing list?

A Yes. For the three years following your involvement we will send you an invitation in September. After that period, we’ll delete those who no longer take part from our list. It is important, if the main contact name changes for any reason, you advise us using the Contact page on this website.