The Festival’s charity of the year

Our partner charity for 2023 was
Cuckfield Stroke Communication Group

Drumming exericse

We are a volunteer-led Group for stroke survivors who have aphasia. We have been meeting in Queen’s Hall, Cuckfield, since 2010. Our members come to us with problems with speech. Their stroke may have affected their reading, writing and number skills. Their confidence could be very low.

We aim to make everyone feel welcome as soon as they enter the room. As well as working on their problems, we have fun and challenging mornings.

Typical mornings include:

  • Miming and drawing to help get conversations going
  • Singing (words stored in a different part of the brain to speech)
  • Fun art to offer something new
  • Games to help hand/eye coordination
  • Drumming, golf and picture and other quizzes
  • Time with a Speech and Language Therapist.
  • Exercising is important
  • Outings and a Christmas lunch add extra to the regular Wednesday meetings.

Members can stay as long as they like and build friendships. They help at our fundraising events and hopefully find new hobbies or restart activities they have stopped due to their stroke.

“It’s just nice to be with a group of people who understand. Everyone who comes along has similar challenges so you don’t feel out of place. The people here are just so lovely, there’s so much kindness and support – that’s why I keep coming back.”

Words from a group member.
A Stroke meeting - our charity of the year

We are very grateful for this opportunity to promote our amazing local group (we always need new members and volunteers). We’re delighted to be the Partner Charity for the Cuckfield Christmas Tree Festival 2023.

Contact details – Carolyn Dodd – 07443 581543.

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